how i hacked torrent sites like tu mejortorrent

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Tu MejorTorrent p2p site

tu mejortorrent

MejorTorrent is considerably newer compared to many other major pirating websites let’s say Pirates Bay, but is under considerably less scrutiny. There is a massive catalogue of movies, TV shows, games programs and music which has been achieved in a rather small time. Yet, is updated consistently as actively.

The major earning method for tu MejorTorrent is through advertisement; the main way of doing that for this torrent website is that often times, when you click on a certain link on the website itself, it will transfer you to an advertiser website. Since torrent websites aren’t covered under any major monetization company, they have to rely on this method of generating revenue.

Other than redirecting, they also earn money from their users in the form of donations. Even though torrents work on the basis of the Peer to Peer system, setting up a server which can handle thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people at a time can be challenging and it also costs a lot of money to handle.

For every regional torrenting website, they have to take care of their region specific users. The first time you log into the website, you will be greeted with Spanish and if you want an English version, you can use google’s own auto-translate which makes it pretty easy to use afterwards.

Being a piracy website, their revenue generation methods may be unconventional but they have to do this in order to stay afloat. And for the people, they get the latest and greatest games, programs, movies, songs etc. for the small price of morals.

At the end of the day, while spreading virus-free torrents to thousands of people may be considered saint-like for a lot of people, MejorTorrents does make a lot of cash on top and it’s all because of their users and visitors.