TorGuard VPN – cost from $6 to $12 per month. Its big price, thats why we got some accounts for free. You dont need any crack versions, or search for any coupon codes. Download below account for 24 months, and start use like free trial, but it will work like anonymous vpn for 2 years. Its worth to try couse this vpn its really good. They have good speed, servers not spammed, so you can use it for torrents, email sending, bypass blocks, bans or just hide your ip address.


Filename: 624_torguard_username_password_24mo.txt

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What is it TorGuard and how to get for free

torguard username and password

TorGuard is vpn – where you can change your ip address. Some Features:

  • While using TorGuard VPN or proxy service – you can be anonymous at internet. IP address will be changed fast and servers working well without any problems. Also you can bypass any blocks and bans on websites or software. Also, you can send private emails with vpn. Thats makes you anonymous and untouchable.
  • A lot of servers available. TorGuard have a lot of servers on different countries. Thats why its good to use, if you want change your ip address to specific country. If you want download something from torrents which are like in Spain, sometimes you need change to this country your ip address. For that – this cpn and proxy servervice will help.
  • Free account. Its simple and easy download free account. Its not trial, not cracked version – and its working like real TorGuard. Now, you dont need search any promo, discount or coupon code, cause we offer download free vpn account for 24 months

So download free account now, login with username and password, then start use TorGuard. Dont need pay any money for 24months, so its 2 years of free, fast, secure and anonymous vpn or proxy service. This thing makes me TorGuard best vpn in the world. 🙂