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What is it: Microtorrent?


microTorrent is a another name for uTorrent, a popular peer to peer (short name P2P) downloading and sharing application for your computer or other device. This software lets you download and share files like movies, music, games, documents, magazines, ebooks, tv shows and series. Microtorrent is small and efficient, powerful and stable, secure and trustable to use for torrents downloads or shares.

Microtorrent is very popular, couse it:

  • faster than other similar programs.
  • small size – it smaller than other similar software.
  • easy to use – everyone from kid to PC guru can use this program.

Microtorrent software is very popular. Program get every month about 40 000 new installs from all over the world. Most users come from United States, Russia, India, Spain, Brazil. After you download microtorrent, you dont need test it! Is super easy to use for everyone, software so simple and so powerful. Design looks great, i can give 9,5 stars from 10.

Pro version review

You can get pro version of this super powerful software for your downloads like films, music, movies, games or other files. With Microtorrent pro version you will get:

  • Fast downloads with automatic bandwidth management
  • No ads
  • Automatic protection from viruses and malware
  • Premium customer support
  • Convert downloads to play on any device
  • Stream torrents instantly

You asking is it worth? My answer is: Depends. Why? Couse if you use torrents for your business, using it everyday for bulk downloads, yes it is worth. Then you can download faster, dont see any ads, and more things. But if you use it few times per year, or per motnh: answer is no! Couse without pro version you can download files, maybe not so fast like pro version microtorrent, but this speed will be great. You will see some ads, but they looks good and not wasting time when you trying close them.

So, if you use pro version or normal this program will best choise for p2p file sharing and downloading!