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Every single torrent website on the internet today has a lot of restrictions which are stopping them from earning as much as they can. Most torrenting website get over one hundred thousand views a month, and many popular ones may get hundreds of millions a month.

For a normal advertisement-ridden website, that’s a massive, clean and accountable revenue a month. But, for a piracy website like MejorTorrent, it may be much less since they have to rely on unconventional methods.

Using the website is pretty straight forward, there is a search option and there are torrents available for download; whatever you download, you’ll get a very insignificantly small torrent file which you can use on top of torrent programs such as BitTorrent or UTorrent.

Although there are thousands of torrent websites, MejorTorrent has stayed up with considerably less hiccups, one reason for it being much less under fire all the time is that they are region heavy, which is Spain, Mexico, Argentina. And as every country has different rules and different repercussions related to pirating, the typical response for this torrenting games, peliculas, films, movies, music website is considerably less violent.

A great thing about this website is that they are often found doing some polls on the website to find the interests and the platforms the users which often visit the site, use. This allows them to improve it on a server level and bring forward a focus on more of the majority users as well.

Something which the users of the website enjoy is that they have uploaded “majority focused” content; other than the extremely popular TV Shows and series, films and mejortorrent peliculas peliculas, which are rampant all over the world, they offer content popular in specific areas; movies which people love to watch in different areas and even songs, games, pictures and a lot more.

While torrenting itself may be wrong, these guys sure do care about their user-base.