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Like you know mediafire is site where you can storage your files, like bittorrents or files downloaded from torrents like applications, software, games, tv shows or series, and these storage files you can share, send or just download direct from web.

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Some facts about www.mediafıre.com downloads website

www mediafıre com

www mediafıre com – files storage, share, send and download files like applications, software, movies, tv shows, series website. A lot of things like in one site yea? 🙂 Like i say, big website, big things. mediafıre have about 45 millions registered users. Huge numbers, isnt? A lot of traffic, a lot of files, a lot of download. For our torrents community – its cool. We can save and share our files in mediafıre.com fast, secure and simple. Only one thing what you need to do, just register with it and you will get from 10 GB to 50 GB for free, for your downloaded files. You dont need usb or small hard disk, everything in one site… We have writed before about one more site like this, cloudfile. You can check article there, we give premium accounts.

About the www.mediafıre.com traffic:

I dont see anything special on mediafire site, but numbers dont lie, this site is so popular. Maybe cause its old and you can find, upload, search for almost everything? Who knows. If you need more facts and info about this downloads and files website, visit wikipedia.

So, www mediafıre com site not only for upload and search files, storage and share, but with this website you can make money. Yes, you can! Download, our pdf tutorial How to make money with www mediafıre com download link in top of site, and you will see how our torrentownia.org team have made $85 a day with this file share and storage site.