Download new method to make money with torrents and proxy.

File name: Earn $70-90 with Limetorrents Proxy guide.pdf.

Worth: $64.90.


Whats is it limetorrents?

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Limetorrents is verified p2p torrents for download and share files like:

  • hd movies
  • tv shows
  • new music
  • full games
  • free applications
  • anime

We cant find a lot of differences between limetorents and other torrents sites like mejortorrent, the pirate bay (TPB) and others. They need proxy, we can make some money with limetorrents proxy but its everything like with other sites. Its good, working, stable, what we need more? We dont need nothing more, so we will not get that. 🙂 🙂

Why we need proxy?

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In some countrys like United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and more, torrenting, or file downloads and shares with p2p, wich is pirate files are blocked by country isp’s. Thats why we need good, fast and private proxys to get download new games, music or movies. Proxy is very popular couse it is easy to use. Just change your ip and start downloading from sites like limetorrents, the pirate bay, mejortorrent or other torrent sites. If you dont want use proxy our torrents community have alternative things for download and share best files.

Alternative to limetorrents proxy

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Tired of getting bad proxy, it is slow, etc..?

Use VPN.

Of corse, for vpn you need pay bunch of money. But different between better speed, vpn is stable and more secure, vpn dont wasting your time for search and search new and new proxys everytime before you download some files, so its worth that money. Price is like $5-10 per month.

Use TOR.

Tor is same thing as proxy, without hand jobs. 🙂 Like proxy you need insert somewhere somethings… With tor you dont need do that. You start software, connect to servers and bingo! Your proxy working and you can start download and share files without limetorrents proxy. But i dont know things how to make money with tor. So i dont use it. 🙂