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What is it kproxy?

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Kproxy tool is like vpn or tor browser. It looks similar to them but have more pluses, cause:

  • kproxy is free to download, like for vpn service you need pay money.
  • with kproxy you dont need search proxy addresses again and again, everything tool will do.
  • Servers fresh, secure and simple to use. Just download, install and your blocked websites will be unblocked.
  • kproxy working with every device like pc, mac, android or ios. So you can use with your browsers like chrome or firefox, or with your smart phone, samsung phone, iPhone or even iPad.

Thats why kproxy is perfect tool for us and for our torrents community. You dont need any other websites to unblock your torrent sites, youtube, facebook, twitter, google or other webs. Its free to download, its working and working really good. I recommend this tool.


How to use kproxy?

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If you want this tool to download and you use chrome, firefox, safari or opera browser download new kproxy extension in our site

And if you need proxy for you smart phone, tablet and you use android or iOS systems, download our kproxy app.

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Like you know, kproxy is working, fast, secure proxy tool which you can download for free in our site. Kproxy will let you unblock sites like youtube, facebook or any other websites, this tool working perfect, its simple to use and its not cost any money.


Proxy history and facts

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If you dont know what is it proxy, our team will try to explain in few words. If it will be not enough just check proxy wiki here.

So, proxy or proxy server is secure and fast connection between two devices which already connected to a third device. This system help for every person on the internet stay private and secure. Proxy servers work great with any devices like smart phone, tablet, pc, mac. So, if you got address with ip and port it looks like: ip address 123.123.123 and port 1234, thats mean here are proxy. You can connect now to this ip address when you use your browser or any tool. In chrome or firefox or any other browser search for options and enter these details (proxy and port), and you original ip address will be changed to proxy address. Now you in private network which called proxy server.

So, these proxy servers are good thing if you want be secured and private user on the internet. Sometimes, if you want download something from torrents, you could be blocked by your internet provider in europe, or if you blocked from websites, you can unblock them with proxies.

So thats why we got kproxy! Just download and install for you browser or download like app, and use for any devices you want!

This time enough, goodluck and stay secure and private! 🙂