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If you need unlimited space for hosting, mp3, youtube or just file transfers – download Cloudfile premium account for free!

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What is it – Cloudfile?

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So, in the internet are old and new cloudfile sites. Old of corse not working anymore. And new is good, working and could be used for free. So, in cloudfile people storage their files like movies, music, mp3 albums, software, applications, tv shows, series or just torrent files. Some people use for download files – dirrect link which you can use in new cloudfile site, its very good and simple feature.

So, Cloudfile – free, simple, easy and comfortable. You dont need spend any money on usb, or waste money on hard disk with some limited spaces. In new cloudfile you can use everything for free and with unlimited space, it very simple and very cool. Our developers team got some free and premium accounts so dont hesistate and start use new cloud file storage today!


New Cloudfile pluses and minuses


Every application, software or web site have pluses and minuses, cloud file too. We want write some words about it and it will be like review about cloudfile:


Cloudfile pluses

  • Site have good feature to share files over the internet fast. For that you can use email address or just short link. So with cloudfile our torrent files will move much more faster!
  • Simple. One of the top pluses – cloud file is simple and comfortable to use. You dont need a lot of information or knowledge to know hot to use cloud storage. You just download our premium account and use cause in site you will see only few buttons like: storage files, where you will see you files, and transfer files, these files you can transfer, share, or spam if you doin bad things… 🙂


Cloudfile minuses

  • Slow. This site is slow, cause without premium account you need enter your posible storage, how much money you offer for that and similar things, wich do not looks perfect and just wasting time. Our community, i mean torrent people, want everything fast. We got all files fast, utorrent working fast and great and so on… So for us, without premium account cloud file would be nothing worth.
  • Cost money. One more minus – cloud file cost big money. Not for us, torrent people with premium accounts, but for other who not find stuff like this and who not in our torrents community. So people trying to storage big and small files, or trying download dirrect from youtube or other site and they need pay for file storage. So they must think maybe better is buy hard disk with some GB of space and use it long long time? Maybe, or just download free premium account for cloudfile. 🙂


So good or bad?

Like you see from these pluses and minuses, both areas have 2:2. Hard to say this files storafe or file transfer place is good. So, our verdict is: new cloud file is good with torrentownia premium account. Thats it, i will never ever pay for some s**t like storage in internet and for money i will never use it, but for free i will use everytime, like other files, other accounts just like torrents. Thats why cloudfile is good, couse with us – its free. 🙂 Check for download link in top of page.