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Why we need bayproxy on TPB

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Not the only the one of the best torrents site – The Pirate Bay (short name TPB), but and a lot of more of torrenting sites has been blocked on a lot of ISP’s accross Europe in countrys like United kingdom, Netherlands and more.. You asking why them blocked TPB and similar torrent sites? These torrenting webs are pirate, copywrigt and similar “bad” words wich business make huge loose of money everyday. While you share or download with P2P movies, tv shows or series, new games, hot music or software for free – big business don’t get income but get big loose! But we don’t care, yes?? 🙂

Bayproxy maintains a list of proxy sites that not only allow to make some money but it allow and access to The Pirate Bay so blocked isp’s not a problem anymore and torrenting traffic not decreased, so eveything is alive. These proxy sites are hosted in countries where The Pirate Bay has not been blocked.  Proxy sites like bayproxy are the easiest method to bypass the block and download or share files without any problems, blocks or risks. On the web you can find Alternate methods to access TPB or other torrent sites, but proxy is powerful, light thing, not required a lot of knowledge and it works more than fine!

If you don’t like bayproxy, you can search on internet more sites for proxy and im sure – you will find working.


Alternate methods to bypass blocks

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You blocked by internet companys and dont know nothing about proxy and you dont want to know? Let’s use alternate methods to access TPB, extratorrents, torrentz2 or other similar torrent sites. Read below how to bypas any blocks if you dont want use proxy.


Vpn is always easy to use. Every web user know it. Whats the different VPN vs bayproxy? VPN cost money. Sometimes it cost a lot of. It’s working method and it working fine but it cost money while bayproxy is free. So we not recommend use vpn services, it working good and do its job, but not always. You can find very slow vpn, high price vpn and more problems, and proxy you need search same and its free. So our recommendations: search for bay proxy or other proxy.


TOR is free, but different between bayproxy couse it slow. If you use tor you know – its slow. Need some browsers, need download something, need install. Everytime you open tor, you need some minutes before it starts work.


How to make money with bayproxy?

bayproxy tutorial

With these alternate methods like vpn, tor is not posible make any money, so read our private methods on downloaded pdf and know how to make money with bayproxy! Itssimple tutorial, we have tested it and it works!So, get fun not only while you downloading torrents but and with money making while you waiting your movie, tv show,  game, music or more! Goodluck.


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