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Piracy has taken a stronghold under the flagship of Pirates bay, which has proclaimed itself as the “most resilient Bit Torrent site” and for good reasons too. First things first, there are hundreds of thousands to a million torrents on the website which are available for free for the millions of users which use it daily.

During its 13 years of being afloat, the website has been shut down many times but has still ended up going online after a few days or a few weeks.

If you want to download your favorite games through Pirates bay, then there are tons of them online. Even though the internet forgets about the older games from back in the 20th century like the age of empires, Quake etc. Pirate’s bay keeps them alive and well with active listings and downloads.

There has been massive controversy regarding the piracy website in the past but the website is still the 95th most visited website according to Alexa, which is a ranking system devised by Amazon. Controversy or not, Pirates bay seems to be alive and kicking.

Majority of the revenue the website generates is through donations by the members and users and advertisements. Which can be in the hundreds of thousands of euros a month? Believe it or not, Pirates bay offers free games to millions of people daily and yet rakes in a good amount of money.

The biggest problem regarding Bit Torrent piracy sites is that most countries in the world have anti-piracy and copyright policies which make any piracy website suffer and shrivel down to a small size. This is actually the case with Pirates bay as well.

In a nutshell, millions of people use torrent website daily with Pirates bay being the most popular, there are a lot of games available on the website and new ones are added daily. This makes this website along with the help of the community stay active, alive and well.

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